Alyson Hershberger

I want to feel good in my skin! Who doesn't?! I joined this team on February 2013 after months of research and debate and decided to take the leap! I had created a self sustaining business from month one and am now a Diamond Leader within the company.

My first experience with the Wrap was incredible! I visably noticed a significant difference in my midsection the first day! I'm definitely not an advocate of "get skinny quick" or "lazy dieting" or anything of that nature. But I do love that there is a product to help tone and tighten my skin, especially after pregnancy. As I pursued the health and wellness industry I began to look at the full approach to health. Nutrition, exercise and supplementation. I created a monthly nutrition program called MetaBlast Nutrition that I use to focus on food and then promote these amazing supplements withing those groups. It Works has trully changed my life, my health, and the future of my family. This opportunity is for everyone! 


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